Client Feedback - Opportunity Pathways ILL/SH
Thank you for taking the time to complete the following survey. The survey will be used to help the service and the Opportunity Pathways program to understand your experience and satisfaction with the program and service you've received. The survey is anonymous and will not be connected back to you or your Training, Employment and Housing Plan. If you have any questions about the survey, please speak with your Opportunity Pathways provider.
Given Names:
Length of time in the program (how many months)
What is your current work status? *
How would you rate each of the following?
I had a say in what I do to help me get a job *
My goals reflect what I would like to achieve *
My case plan will get me where I want to be *
I feel I can achieve my case plan goals *
I have been linked to other services that will help me reach my case plan goals *
The services I was linked to helped me look for a job *
The training I go to is what I want to learn *
The training I go to will help me get a job *
My case worker gives me enough support *
My case worker has helped me to get a job *
The services I was linked to helped get a job *
My case worker helped me keep my job *
I would recommend this program to friends and family *