Staff feedback
Thank you for your time to complete this feedback form. It should only take few minutes. It is anonymous, so you don't need to fill in your name. Your feedback will assist me with one of the performance tasks for my Cert IV studies.
Given Names:
Observing your colleague, do you believe they....
are collaborative *
communicate openly and honestly *
contribute positively to the energy of the Wesley Training team. *
contribute positively to the outcomes of the Wesley Training team *
exemplify our values *
are open to sharing their knowledge and skills *
When working closely with your colleague, do they...
respond well to feedback?
display resilience?
display emotional intelligence?
display flexibility and adaptability?
bring strategic thinking?
deliver to expectation?
listen to you?
respect and acknowledge you?
resolve issues openly and appropriately?
display leadership skills?
take ownership for their actions?
proactively support Wesley Training outcomes?
What are the things your colleague does that you find most supportive?
What are the things your colleague does that you find least supportive?
How would you rate overall contribution of your colleague to Wesley Training?