Career Pathways Initial
Given Names:
VETtrak client ID
Date of appointment
FACS region
Employment and education details
Are you currently employed or volunteering?
Employment or volunteer basis
Employer name and length of employment
If you are not currently employed, are you linked in with an employment agency or jobactive provider?
If you answered yes to the above, could you please provide the details of the linked Employment agency/jobactive provider?
Are you currently undertaking any study?
If yes, please provide details about the study (course name, online/face-to-face, education provider name)
Have you been employed previously?
If yes, where were you employed and for how long?
Do you have a resume?
Would you be comfortable sharing it with us?
Interests and Support
What are your interests?
Are you involved with any clubs or associations?
Do you currently access any programs or receive any support from individuals or organisations?
If yes to the above, Please list each and how they support you?
Where do you live?
Who lives with you?
(Office use) Which best describes your home situation?
If you selected other to the home situation question, please specify.
If you have children, do you have childcare?
If you have children, please provide their age(s).
Please indicate if you are having difficulties with your housing environment.
If you selected other, could you please specify?
Do you have stress or health issues?
Do you have a disability?
Is English your first language
If not, what is your first language?
Do you have difficulties with English language?
Do you experience any difficulties understanding English? and how can we support you?
Do you have any difficulties with reading and writing?
You can tell us more about your background if you feel comfortable in doing so.
Case management
Do you have a case manager who can support you?
Would you like us to talk to them?
Career goals
Where could you see yourself working?
Why would you like to work there?
Previous training
What level of schooling did you attend?
Where did you study?
What did you study?
How was your experience?
If you could change anything about your experience, what would it be?
Do you have a current NSW drivers licence (provisional or full)?
If you do not have a NSW provisional or full licence, what do you need in order to gain it?
If you selected other, please specify.
What is currently your main form of transport?
If other, please specify
Additional notes:
Personal Well-being Index
Thinking about your own life and personal circumstances, how satisfied are you with your life as a whole?
How satisfied are you with your standard of living?
How satisfied are you with your health?
How satisfied are you with what you are achieving in life?
How satisfied are you with your personal relationships?
How satisfied are you with how safe you feel?
How satisfied are you with feeling part of your community?
How satisfied are you with your future security?
How satisfied are you with your spirituality or religion?
ID Checks
Have you ever completed a police background check?
Have you ever completed a working with children check (WWCC)?
Do you have access to your Passport or birth certificate?
Referral Source
How did you find out about the Career Pathways Program?
Office use - anticipated brokerage
Childcare or other costs for children
Licence or personal ID documentation
Medical or dental
Other or any further comments.